"You Notice" - A Reflection on Traveling as a Digital Nomad

A tribute to Jorge Luis Borges' famous poem, "You Learn".

"You Notice" is an exploration on the experience of travel as a digital nomad. Featuring clips from Bali, Indonesia and music by Metaxas

"You Notice" by Julia McKellar

After awhile you notice the subtle similarities
Between here and there
And you notice that travel doesn't mean leaving
And getting lost doesn't mean you'll find your way
And you begin to notice that purpose isn't outside you
And a moment can't be monetized
And you begin to accept new avenues
With your bag packed and your mind open
With the strength of the sea, not the fleetingness of the fog
And you notice you must build your moments on today
Because tomorrow's boat might be thrown off course
And "next times" have a way of meaning never.

After awhile you notice,
That even birds tire if they fly too far.

So you slow down the pace and stay put for awhile.
Instead of running on the road ahead.
And you notice the possibilities outside of patterns
That you really are free,
And you really do have nerve,
And you notice and you notice,
With every new place you notice.