The Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco for Digital Nomads

Something interesting is brewing in San Francisco's foggy coffee scene. Tucked away in cozy urban alcoves and next to late night laundromats await the city's best coffee shops for digital nomads. If you're looking for a cafe with the perfect combination of tasty drinks and speedy wifi, you've come to the right spot. Immerse yourself in San Francisco's coffee culture and work on your ongoing projects at some of the places listed below. 

*Disclaimer: A number of cafes in San Francisco are cash only, so come prepared.


Bazaar Cafe

The Richmond

Nestled in the quiet depths of the Richmond District is Bazaar Cafe. With the perfect combination of delicious eats, dark coffee, and an outdoor patio, Bazaar Cafe feels like relaxing at your cool, hippy aunt’s house. This cafe is great if you need a tranquil place to focus on your work for a few hours. 


Brainwash Cafe


Laughs and laundromats is what you'll find when you stroll into Brainwash. This cozy establishment is conjoined with a space to wash your dirty laundry and if that's not enticing enough, they also host raunchy comedy during Happy Hour. Save your mom the workload and wash your clothes here for a discount on your drink. 



Portrero Hill

Photo courtesy of @ creativechinchilla  via Instagram

Photo courtesy of @creativechinchilla via Instagram

Blame it on the caffeine, but this cafe is always buzzing with a host of interesting characters. You’ll be sure to hear patrons speaking a variety of different languages and spot some art from local artists hanging on the wall. The high ceilings and beautiful framed windows at the entrance create a peaceful atmosphere for creative inspiration. On the menu, you’ll find delectable organic bites and quality roasted coffee.


Flywheel Coffee Roasters


Photo courtesy of @ heyitsfranklin2  via Instagram

Photo courtesy of @heyitsfranklin2 via Instagram

Flywheel (aka Hipster Heaven) should be on your radar for cafes to visit in San Francisco. The shop is built out of reclaimed wood and sustainable materials, giving it a minimalist feel. You can snag a seat overlooking Golden Gate Park or settle down in the back near their impressive coffee roasters. This cafe takes their coffee seriously and you’ll be sure to enjoy anything on the menu.


Home Cafe

The Sunset

Photo courtesy of @ missxbo  via Instagram

Photo courtesy of @missxbo via Instagram

There’s no place like Home...okay, but seriously, this place is rocking the creative coffee game. Have you ever had a Birthday Cake Latte? How about a Red Velvet Latte? The first sip you take of one of these lovely coffee creations will have you coming back to this cafe to explore the rest of their mesmerizing menu. With plenty of natural light and wall outlets, you’ll be comfortable relaxing here for a day of Digital Nomad activities 🤓.


International Cafe

Lower Haight

Looking for a groovy, global hangout to fuel your travel-loving soul? Stroll down to International Cafe for your fix of jazz, poetry, old couches, and unpretentious bites. This is a slow paced coffee shop from another era where you can grab a Turkish coffee or beer on tap. Enjoy your drink during one of their open mic nights.


Jane (on Larkin St)

Polk Gulch

Photo courtesy of @ janeonlarkin  on Instagram

Photo courtesy of @janeonlarkin on Instagram

Jane specializes in the most important meal of the day and if that doesn't get you excited, their line-up of freshly baked goods will! This trendy spot is always buzzing with activity, so you'll want to arrive early to snag a seat. Try their iced matcha or turmeric tonic if you're looking for a break from your usual coffee buzz. 


Philz (on 24th St)

The Mission

The shop on 24th St is the original Philz and while the other shops are starting to have a Pete's Coffee vibe, this Philz continues to remain a throwback with history and style. The baristas here are all rockstars and put a lot of TLC (tender loving care) into each drink. You'll find large communal tables and soft couches strewn throughout the shop. This place has a consistent flow of people, but the amount of seating space usually makes it easy to find a seat. Be adventurous and try something other than the Iced Mint Mojito (a local favorite). 

Simple Pleasures

Outer Richmond

This joint is a hotspot for locals. It's a place where old friends meet for writing groups and regulars sit outside for a smoke. Wifi can sometimes be iffy, but the staff are always very friendly and you can probably ask them about it before ordering. If you're around on a Sunday, be sure to swing by the record store, Noise, across the street for a jazz jam session from 2 to 6 pm. 


Workshop Cafe

Financial District

Photo courtesy of @ a_asiya_a  via Instagram

Photo courtesy of @a_asiya_a via Instagram

You’ll walk into Workshop Cafe to find part of the space partitioned by a row of desks. Before you can use your laptop, you’ll have to sign in at the back of the cafe to enter the workspace. You can reserve rooms for meetings and order from Workshop Cafe’s app to have food brought to you (You know, incase you’re in the midst of writing a caffeine fueled blog post and can’t get up).  

Stop by one of these coffee shops on your travels to San Francisco and tweet @NowNomad with a picture of your workspace for the day.