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Growth Hack: How to Find the Social Media Profiles of Your Email List

Do you want more insights into the demographics of your email list or to connect with them on social media? This growth hack will help you quickly pull the job title, location, and social media information of your list. Try it out!

Step 1: Download FullContact Chrome Extension

The FullContact Chrome extension connects to your Gmail account and helps you find the job, location, and social media information of your leads. It’s a great resource for you to easily find any influencers in your circle and understand which social platforms are the most important to your community.


Step 2: Sync Your Email List

If you have an email list that isn’t in Gmail, you can upload it by importing a .csv file from your contacts page. You’re able to upload 3,000 emails a day to Google Contacts and the upload process takes about 20 minutes. With your newly intact FullContact Chrome extension, you’ll be able to pull in the social media profiles, city, and job details of the emails you upload.


Step 3: Sign-up for FullContact’s Free Trial ($9.99)

The FullContact Chrome extension is great for one-off leads, but if you’re trying to dig into the data and analyze a larger email list, you’ll want to sign-up for FullContact’s Team package and use the 14-day free trial. You don’t have to register with a credit card and you can instantly one-click sign up with your Gmail account.

After you’ve done this, navigate to your FullContact account Settings and turn your Sync to On. It’ll take approximately 30 minutes for your contacts to update.


Continue to your dashboard and you’ll see a red notification over Activity. Click Activity, then you’ll see your list of contacts begin to come through with job, location, and social media information.

Go back to Settings. Go to your synced email and select Export under the settings  icon (“...”) on the right.


Step 4: Clean Your Data

Download this Python script to clean your data.

Once you’ve downloaded this script, place it into a folder with your .csv file(s) and open the Terminal app on your computer.

In the Terminal box type in “cd” then press your spacebar and drag in the folder with your files into the terminal. The script for your folder’s name should appear. Press enter.

Next, copy and paste “python ./” into the Terminal. Press enter again and navigate to the folder holding your .csv files. Cleaned files will appear in this same folder with file names starting from “clean_”.

After this final step you should have the social media profiles, job details, and city information of all your contacts.

Happy hacking!