I'm Julia

The growth marketer and writer behind Now Nomad.


My Story

Curiosity and a love for food were my gateway to travel. What I didn’t expect was for the travel bug to hit me as hard as it did, but earlier last year, something happened.

I started 2016 in a rough place. I was working in a job I hated where I had to put on a mask everyday and pretend to be someone else. On top of that, I was struggling paycheck to paycheck to live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States. Instead of sitting back and complaining, I knew something had to change.

This change came in the form of a new mindset. During a trip to Hawaii, I was fortunate enough to connect with a nomad who’d been traveling on and off for a few years. His story really jarred me because it was the first time I met someone who was successfully running a business while living and traveling on their own terms. I realized how easily we hold ourselves back from living a life of intention. I thought of all the times I heard my friends wonder how they could travel long term after school or in-between jobs, but never following through. I knew my friends didn’t want to wonder, they wanted to experience, but taking that first step felt too unpredictable.

When I returned home, the travel bug became even worse. So bad, in fact, that I quickly booked an impromptu trip to Europe for only $150 (thank you, travel hacking) and became immersed in the world of location independence. This journey opened me up to new opportunities and to being comfortable with the unexpected. I realized how valuable it is to be supported by friends and family when you’re fighting to overcome personal obstacles and I wanted to provide that support for others.

After struggling through my own failures and successes, I created Now Nomad to help people work on the road and grow their business. I’ve always loved learning new things and talking to people about travel. I wanted to use my skills to give back so other people could also find a path that fulfills them. My background in International Business and love for finding unique solutions for people’s problems has helped me mentor others in growth marketing and travel hacking.

Despite all my roaming, I call San Francisco, California my home. If you want to know the best place in the City for a burrito or the coziest spots for live music, don’t hesitate to reach out!

That's me. Tell me about you?